Last trip of Ilala
A short parte of the photo reportage about last trip of the ship Ilala on Lake Malawi in 2008
Gunea Bissau, around Carneval
A phototravel Nikon School around the Carnival in Bissau. In Guinea among Bassari's villages and Bijagos Isles.
Holy Festival
The Holy Festival in India 2011
India, along Yamuna river
A path of images along the banks of the sacred river Yamuna in northern India. The mist rising from the waters in the early hours of dawn increases the mysticism and the sacredness of this place dear to the Hindus people.
Ilha de Mozambique
An island out of time in which the white man is still called 'master'. The use of the infrared want to emphasize this absurd social anachronism
African funeral
The funeral of a 105 years old woman in an african small village. Sons, nephews, grandchildren, 5 generation with the entire village cry the death of the woman.
Malawi, around the tobacco auction
In Lilongwe and Blantyre - the main towns in Malawi, from March up to September there are the most important tobacco auctions of Africa. Tobacco is the main resource of the malawian economy
Holy Rain
A heavy rain falls on Dhaka during the holy month of Ramadan. For Muslims, the water is something sacred, so that in the Koran it says: 'The Throne of God was hovering over the water'.
Poorest of the Poor
When God came down to earth he could not deal with the gypsies . . . and he took the next flight back. [Time of gypsies, 1988] Kraljevo Roma camp and the city dumpsite
Often the reality is hidden by bad lies
Once in Kathmandu, with the collaboration of corrupt cops, children are declared orphans even if they do not, which makes them adoptable.
Waiting room
That for the last twenty years of his life a human being is no longer than a gap that is something that denounces the failure of our civilization, the old are often only a death men walking
Erdelezi, George's day
On May 6, the Gregorian calendar, is celebrated one of the most important days for the peoples of the Balkans, the Erdelezi. I lived in a Roma community in southern Serbia.
Eid Mubarak
Eid Mubarak are the two words that greets you in the day of the end of Ramadan - the Muslim month of fasting - and within 3 days of celebration followed. Here we are in Dhaka in Bagladesh
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