[Ag]WPJA says about Edoardo Agresti: The Wedding Photojournalist Association [one of the most important world wedding association] proudly recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of Edoardo Agresti. The AG|WPJA proudly recognizes the Photographer of the Year (POY) to Edoardo Agresti having hold the most contest points at the end of each year.
Nikon Pro interviews Edoardo Agresti: "How four of the world's top wedding photographers are making the most new media"
I have just returned from a unique experience in San Paulo, Brazil. Wedding Brasil is the most important convention about marriage of all Latin America. There have been numerous seminars, workshops and meetings with top photographers and videographers from around the world, from Spain to the United States, from Slovenia to France. From Italy I have been called to discuss the photojournalistic style in wedding photography. Over 1500 people attended the event. An absolutely unique and different level of importance to wedding photography that do not exist in Italy.
A wonderful experience with other master-international photographers among the most important in the world of wedding photography. Was in Seville, Spain, the fourth edition of the 'Foro de fotografos'. More than 500 people who attended the seminars seems they are enthusiastic outputs, a perfect organization has allowed us to make the event even more professional.
The first Italian photographer to join the prestigious British Association MPA - Master Photographers Association
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